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Times Table Awards

Congratulations to the children named below who have achieved the following times table awards.

Times Table Awards - 

Silver - Amelia               Gold - Alithia

             Emma                            Dylan








Platinum - Dylan                       Diamond - Dante

                  Amber                                         Ruby

                   Imogen                                      Jaden

                   Oliver                                         Alex



Speed Tables

The following children have achieved all their Times Table Awards and are working on Speed Tables.

Dante          Tobias             Stanley C.

Ruby           Hannah             Katy

Daniel         Stanley L.          Owen

Lewis          Oliver P.           Jaden

Millie          Alex

Place Value, Addition and Subtraction

We have been learning about Place Value with numbers up to 100, 000, Roman Numerals, Negative Numbers and Addition and Subtraction. Below you will see pairs of children from our class using addition, subtraction and employing the inverse operation to solve problems.



Addition and Subtraction

Geometry - Angles

This week we have begun learning about angles. First of all we identified acute, obtuse and right angles using an angle estimator that we constructed using two pieces of card and a paper fastener.

Audenshaw Primary

Putting Children First

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