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Ancient Greek Vases, Pots and Plates

The Pottery of Ancient Greece

In our study of Ancient Greece we have learned that the pottery that archaeologists or historians study can tell us a lot about their everyday life, beliefs and culture. The children looked at photographs of pottery artefacts and actual pottery. They all observed the scenes painted on the outside and became aware that the pictures represented myths,, legends, everyday life, sports, gods and goddesses. The class also identified that they are largely coloured orange and black and that their are different shaped designs for vases, pots and plates. They then chose a shape and designed their own. 

Designing Greek Vases, Pots and Plates

Orange and Black or Black and Orange?

The children had several decisions to make while they were designing their pottery. Firstly, they had to decide what type of scene they wanted to decorate their pot, secondly, whether to paint figures in back on the orange background, or to paint their pottery black creating figures of orange. The class then had to choose which patterns and borders to frame their scenes with. Then we all really enjoyed improving  our clay work skills to roll coils or balls to make a coil vase, thumb pot or plate.

Decorating Pottery

Finally, all of the class painted their pots to match their designs as closely as possible. Notice the focus and concentration on everyone's face as they worked hard to complete their vases, pots or plates.

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Putting Children First

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