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Audenshaw Sport News


On Friday 26th October 2018 Year 4 and 5 girls went on an Inspirational Sports Day at DCC. 

Take a look at our photos from the day!


Tameside School Games


3rd and 4th place


March 2018

Tameside School Games


3rd Place


February 2018

Cluster Basketball

31st January 2018

3rd and 10th place


Cluster athletics

January 2018


5th and 9th Place

Audenshaw Olympics

Intra-school competition

January 2018


Bronze - Year 1

Silver - Year 2 and 6

Gold - Year 5

Well done to all competitors and supporters


Tameside School Games

Tag Rugby

3rd place in our group

Monday 16th October 2017

2nd Round

Holmes Football Cup Team

9th October 2017

Competitor of the Tournament

Amelia Dingwall

Tag Rugby Cluster Competition

2nd October 2017

4th place

Beth Tweddle visits Audenshaw Primary School

February 2017

On Thursday 16th February 2017, Olympic gymnast, Beth Tweddle visited our school!



Beth was lovely and even had a photograph taken with our super fan, Amelia



The local media turned up to capture the moments and it was even tweeted about:



Keep a look out for the full write up by the sports crew after half term.

Thanks for coming Beth!


The speed bounce

Triple jump

Star jumps

The assembly was so fun and each class supported each other and cheered them on.

Even though it was really close, there had to be a winner



GOLD – year 5

SILVER – year 6

BRONZE – year 2



Well done to all the competitors and we can’t wait for a rematch next term!


Manchester City Visit

We were so lucky that in January 2017, representatives from Manchester City Football Club brought in their silverware.

They led a very interesting and informative assembly and spent lots of times answering the children’s questions.

Although not everyone is a Manchester City fan, the children (and staff) were very respectful and it was really special to see the trophies up close and have a photograph taken with them.

Thank you to the gentlemen who took their time to come and speak to us in school. It is a day we will remember for a long time.

Tameside School Games Athletics

6th place

January 2017



Competitor of the tournament





Cluster Athletics

7th and 8th place

January 2017



Competitor of the tournament




Tameside School Games Tag Rugby

First heat winers and finalists

October 2016

Competitor of the tournament





2nd Round Holmes Cup

September 2016



Competitor of the tournament




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