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1. (OBS) Write your first name and last name. (Then look back at a November self-isolation observation of your child's name writing and be amazed with the improvement, well done children and parents!).

Support ONLY if needed. Make sure capitals are only for the first letter of your names. Draw lines for the children to write their name on, check that letters are formed correctly and start in the correct position.

I know that we do this a few times a week but it is really important that they can write their name with the correct formation to rule out any letter formation bad habits

2. Guess My Dinosaur - Listen to my video and respond to the dinosaur clues out loud. Did you guess them correctly?

3. (OBS) CGP Phonics – spellings words page 20/21



1. NUMBOTS (Spend 10 minutes or more completing the activities). Log in details were sent out in October. Email me at if you need your details

2. Dinosaur twinkl maths
Roll two dice, add the numbers together. Colour the dinosaur.
When adding - Can your child count on from the largest number on the dice
(WATCH VIDEO FOR PARENTS- sometimes it is hard for me to explain when typing the notes out on here, I hope it makes sense e.g. rolled a 3 and a 5 -> 5.. 6,7,8 then colour 8)

Print the sheet if you can or take a screen shot of the sheet on your device and then use paint edit tools to colour.

If you don't have two dice, here is a link. 

Comment on how your child did recognising dice spots and counting on.



1.  Read the CVC word sentences.



Cosmic Yoga – Tiny the T Rex 

Additional learning:
Numbots, Resource Pack, cutting, threading, playdoh, help cooking/baking/cleaning, Joe Wicks, Cosmic Yoga

What am I Dinosaur.mp4

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Video for parents - dice counting on from larger number example.mp4

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Audenshaw Primary

Putting Children First

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