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8th December

  • Investigate reflections in mirrors e.g. Write secret messages that need a mirror to read them, create a maze on the floor and then only use a mirror to walk along it or draw a picture by only looking at the reflection of the paper and pencil.
  • Spellings and tables- 13th December


1st December

  • Design and/ or make your own clock! Then write 3 questions to do with time with the answers. For example: I start reading at half past four and finish reading at five o'clock. How long have I been reading for?- Tuesday 5th December
  • Comprehension- Tuesday 5th December
  • Spellings and tables- Wednesday 6th December


24th November

  • Multiplication emoji sheet- Tuesday 28th November
  • Reading- Tuesday 28th November
  • Spellings and tables- Wednesday 29th November


17th November

  • Active Learn: Treetop Top and Balloon Pop activities- Tuesday 21st
  • Two activities from the Extension section about the poem- Tuesday 21st
  • Spellings and tables- Wednesday 22nd

Audenshaw Primary

Putting Children First

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