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  • Set on a Friday, due in on a Wednesday for it to be marked and new homework stuck in.
  • Do the homework together by talking about what you have to do and how they would like to do it.
  • You do not have to do it all in one go, 5 minutes here and there.
  • Let your child have a go independently writing and drawing.
  • You can scribe what your child says after they have tried independently.
  • Practise good pencil control.
  • Use visual aids given such as number lines and alphabet mats.
  • Complete up to two pages maximum.
  • Only use capitals for names of people/places and not for all letters e.g. Dan, cat… not DAN, CAT or even Cat.


Most of all have fun!!

Miss Petrenko

Audenshaw Primary

Putting Children First

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