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1. (OBS) Long ladder letters handwriting: l i t u y j
Look at the poster of where the letters start. Children should form letters at the correct starting point, to go down not up. Draw lines for your child to write x5 of each letter on please.

2. Look at the video/pictures of what has happened in our classroom!
What do you think it is? How do you think they got there? What do you think is inside?

(OBS) Draw a picture of what is in our classroom. Then write 1 sentence of what you think it is? Then label what you see? e.g. grey, round, hard, nest
e.g. I think the eggs are ___. I think it is a ____



1. Use your flashcards of numerals to 20 (or make some). Put in order forwards. Make number cards to 30 to order if children can do to 20.

2. Ordering Numbers. Look at my PDF. The numbers are not in the correct order.
(OBS) Can you write the numbers out again but in the correct order?
e.g. 3 1 2 --> children write 1 2 3 5 3 4 ---> children write 3 4 5

If children are struggling, you can use a numberline.



1. Phonics play 

Username – jan21
Password - home

Resources – Phase 2 – Sentences week 5 Friday
How did your child do reading these sentences?

2. (OBS) CGP Phonics book from your home learning packet– page 10,11 'w' sound

Where is a special place for Christians?
Read the PDF about a church and discuss.

Additional learning:
Numbots, Resource Pack, cutting, threading, playdoh

Audenshaw Primary

Putting Children First

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