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This is my pet horse. He is called Little Jon which is funny because he is huge! 

I like to go up to the farm and look after him, I give him his tea and groom him with a brush 

He can eat a whole bag of apples or carrots in no time!

When he puts his ears back he is being grumpy, when they are forwards he is happy like in this picture 

My mummy has had Little Jon for over 25 years, he is loved by the whole family.


1. This is my mummy’s pussy cat, Ben.   He is 16 years old and mummy rescued him in June last year.   His old owner was moving to a different house and couldn’t take him wit him.   Mummy was told that if no one could take him he would have to be put to sleep for a long time Ben sleeps on my mummies tummy every night and during the day he likes to sleep on the windowsill and cuddle up to me at tea time.   He is my little buddy, I call him ‘My Benny Boo’, and he is a very big cuddle monster.    

2. This our cat, Cookie.   He is 5 years old and 1 month older than me.    We rescued him when he was 2 years old.    He is blind in one eye and very funny.    His best friend is the cat next door called Casper, they like to go out and play together.    Cookie doesn’t like to be cuddled but he does like to play with his toys.  He really likes his toy fish on a  hook and chases us around the house.    Cookie sleeps on mummy and daddy’s feet at the night time when it is cold but when it is warm he sleeps outside my bedroom door.  

3.  This is my hamster, Teddy.   He is 2 years old. 

When I was at nursery I asked mummy and daddy if I could look after the nurseries hamster, Stuart Little for Christmas and they said yes.     I really enjoyed it, so I asked mummy and daddy if I could have my own hamster.   They said yes, but I had to help look after Stuart Little before I could get my own hamster.   I helped look after Stuart Little.  I helped cleaned his cage, made sure he had food and water, I also gave him cuddles and helped put him in his exercise ball.   Mummy and daddy were very happy so we went to get my hamster.  

Teddy is a very cheeky, funny hamster.   He likes to walk along my back, and tickle me with his feet.   He likes to run around the house in his exercise ball.   He also comes up to his cage and watches what we are doing.    If I say “hello Teddy” he comes out of his bed and comes to the front of his cage to say hello.    I love him a lot.   I still help clean him, make sure he has food and water and help put him in his exercise ball.  When the cats are not around, mummy sometimes lets him run around the front room without his exercise ball, and I help mummy follow him so he doesn’t get lost.


Georgia with her best pal Floyd! she has given him (and Harvey) so many cuddles and good walks during lockdown!


This is Edin Leo's pet gecko lizard.


Spring snacks!

Robyn enjoying some strawberry's with her Hamster Sparkle! 

Looks like Sparkle was super hungry and ate a hole in a massive strawberry and climbed inside it for it to be its house! 

Audenshaw Primary

Putting Children First

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