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Click on the stars to find some learning resources for your child. I have included lots of flashcards for letter sounds and numbers too.


Please remember that children in the Early Years learn through play too!


Here are some other ideas for Maths and Literacy:

  • Go on a number hunt, 2D/3D shape hunt or letter hunt around your house
  • Read stories together and ask questions as you are reading
  • During role-play, ask your child to count out a number of objects you say or can they count objects you put in front of them. Match the number of objects to the correct numerals.
  • Put numerals in order 0-20.
  • Count in tens and fives.
  • Look at coins and say their names.
  • Say o'clock times. Find things that are heavier/light OR long/short OR tall/short. Use water to show full, empty, half full, nearly empty, nearly full. 
  • During role-play, can you child mark-make/write labels for activities such as what superpower you have, what you need from the shop, pretend to be a teacher and write on paper/whiteboard, being in the police and drawing your policecar.
  • Get toys with different letter sounds (e.g. car, teddy, doll), ask which toy begins with a 'c'. You can repeat this with different objects around the house.
  • Sing Nursery Rhymes
  • Draw pictures and label the words
  • Practise writing their first name and then their last name
  • Play rhyming games e.g. what rhymes with cat, mat...
  • Watch Numberblocks, Alphablocks and Jolly Phonics on Youtube/Cbeebies
  • Cooking and baking, setting the table - listening to instructions, adding ___ spoonfuls of sugar, getting ___ forks and knives.
  • Play 'I spy' using letter sounds
  • Draw a picture of their favourite things such as food, drink, toy, book, tv show and write labels
  • Retell a story by writing sentence. Write about your favourite part and why. Write about your favourite character and why. 
  • Look at digraphs/trigraphs such as ch/th/ee/igh/air. 

Audenshaw Primary

Putting Children First

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