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Audenshaw Primary Remote Learning Offer

  Please find instructions below to help you to upload photos of your childs work to their class teacher on Google Classroom.


1. Download Google Classroom App on your phone/ipad/tablet

2. Login using your Google Classroom login

3. Find the assignment you need to add a picture to

4. Swipe up on ‘Your work’

5. Click ‘Add attachment’

6. Click ‘Use Camera/pick a photo’

7. Take a clear picture of the work that you want to upload

8. Upload the photo

9. Repeat for additional pictures

10. Hand in your work the class teacher should then receive your photos attached to your work.

Please find below some useful guides to help you with remote learning.

We have also included some useful information for setting up your electronic devices so that you and your child can access remote learning  and work online as safely as possible.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Help during lockdown.  These are difficult and challenging times.  Should any parents feel that they are struggling or need additional help or support please do not hesitate to contact school.  If you feel that you would benefit from talking to other agencies in the local community outside of school please refer to the poster of useful helplines below.

We understand that families are experiencing many challenges and additional pressure due to the current pandemic. The Family in Mind service is available to support families who are in need of support in relation to family emotional health and relationships which naturally have been impacted in many cases due to recent events. What is Families in Mind?  Our service provides low level family support for families who are experiencing some challenges/difficulties they would like to work through together.

Teacher Illness

If a class teacher needs to self isolate due to being a close contact, the work will continue as normal. However, if a teacher is absent, due to illness (whether COVID related or not) please use the links below.


The work here is to keep the children busy whilst they are waiting - it is not the same work as is being completed by children in class.



White Rose are giving away free parents home learning maths booklets. You can download them from the website using the link below.

In addition you can download them for free on Amazon to use on a Kindle see below

If you are self-isolating because of a positive result, either of the child or a family contact, or the child has been asked to self-isolate by the NHS Testing and Tracking system, then work will be provided on Google Classrooms - click here to access that work.

Audenshaw Primary

Putting Children First

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