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School Closure March - July 2020

A message from Audenshaw Primary School to our children and their families...



Audenshaw Primary School

continue to support

our children, their families and our key workers.

Please continue to stay at home,

stay safe,

and look after each other.

We're all in this together!


Thank you to the children who helped make our rainbow display. You've done a great job!


In and amongst our lockdown craziness, Eddie in Year 2 has taken part in a charity song project 🌈

Any money raised will be donated to NHS Charities- £830 at last count!

Please find below some useful links / information relating to emotional wellbeing during these difficult times.

This page will contain work for the children to complete at home if they are self-isolating. Work will be posted here by class teachers each Friday before 4.00pm



If you have a library card for your local library, you can download an app called Borrowbox which will allow you to reserve kindle books and audiobooks for free.  See the link for more details (


Look who swung by! We had a surprise visit from Spider-Man this morning!

Today, the children have helped Mrs Parkes weed, rake, water and plant our two raised beds. They have planted carrots and courgettes. Hopefully, they might be slightly larger than last year’s crop!



Our Key Worker's children made chocolate crispie cakes on Monday. Everyone helped to measure, mix, melt and spoon. And best of all, they got to eat!

After we made our cakes, we wrote out the instructions so you can make some as well.

Have a look at Honor and Ben's writing.

We read the poem 'Say Something Nice' by A.F. Harold from The Book of Hopes.

We then wrote our own versions of the poem.

Can you think of something nice to say to someone in your hosehold?

Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth!

We had fun making colourful birds!

Audenshaw Primary

Putting Children First

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