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Spring 1

Week 1 - Reading - Bug Club - Children should have chosen a new book from the new titles allocated and be completing the chapters and questions not completed over Christmas.

               Spellings - Have been issued today reviewing the rules from the Autumn Term. Words to be learnt for Friday next week.

               Maths - Mathletics units need to be completed if they have been reassigned..

                             Maths home work has been issued today to be completed for Wednesday next week.


Week 2 - Reading - Winter Poetry - Literature Circle Books - Questions 1-5 and Illustrator Task

               Spellings - Have been issued today on 'ough' to be learnt for next week.

               Maths - Mathletics - Place Value Millions - Statistics - Timetables


Week 3 - Reading - Bug Club - 'When will the Sun go out?' - Read to the end of the book and answer questions.

               Spellings - Have been issued today on '-able' suffix to be learnt for next Friday.

               Maths - Written Multiplication - Formal method - 4 digit numbers  by a single digit.


Week 4 - Reading - 'Instruction and Explanation Texts' -'Broomsticks and Balloons' - 'Home-Made Compass', 'Broomstick Pulley' and 'Bottle Balloon'.

               Spellings - Have been issued today on  'Tricky Words'.

               Maths - Mathletics - Mental and Short Division


Week 5 - Reading - Bug Club - 'Doctor Who - Victory of the Daleks'.

               Spellings - Have been issued today on homophones.               

               Maths - Multiplication and Division by 10, 100 and 1000


Week 6Reading – Science Fiction Stories –‘The Iron Man’ and ‘The Boy from Far Away’.

                Spellings – Children are to revise all this half term’s spellings for the half term assessment                      next Friday.

                Maths – Mathletics – Short Division/Formal Division


Week 7 - Reading - Bug Club - 'Doctor Who - Victory of the Daleks' - To be completed. 

           Spellings - Have been issued today on words with the endings '- tious' and '-cious'

                 Maths - Division


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