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Here is Mrs Ellison's rabbit 'Princess Peter.' Princess was supposed to be a boy, hence the name Peter, but was crowned a Princess when it was revealed she was a girl!!

Peter is a house rabbit and loves to eat carrots and chew doors! She has white fur over her feet that looks like she is wearing socks. Peter now lives with Mrs Ghilks because Syd became allergic to her fur. Peter is very happy in her new home!

This is Mrs Lee with P.J (the black labrador) and Watson (the fox red labrador). We have had P.J since he was a puppy - he is now 9 years old - and we rescued Watson when he was around 18 months old - he is now 6! We call them "The Boys" and they are best friends 💙💙

Here are Miss Mortlock's dogs. Scout is the black Labrador and she is four years old; Finn is the Cocker Spaniel and he is eight months old. Scout is very patient with Finn especially when he bites her! Finn loves to chase birds when we are out for walks. Scout enjoys being made a fuss of.

This is Miss Hassall's puppy. His name is Sonny, he is a Fox Red Labrador and is 5 months old. He is growing so quickly. He loves playing fetch, going for walks and having cuddles. Sometimes he is a little bit naughty and chews things that he shouldn't but he is so cute and he doesn't get into too much trouble! 

This is Mrs Pilling's pet sausage dog 'Meg'.  She is now 1 year old but still gets into mischief.  Her hobbies are eating, chewing, sunbathing, eating, sleeping, chewing and escaping!  Meg is short for Megladon and she certainly has a lot of teeth!  Meg only has short legs but a very long body.  Top secret.....Meg snores a lot!!!

Audenshaw Primary

Putting Children First

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