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Summer 1

Week 1 -Homework – Mathletics – Roman Numerals/Converting Mass.

Reading – ‘Footprints in Space’ – ‘New Explorers’ and ‘Can we live in Space’ Booklet

Spellings – Spring Term words for Assessment – to be learned for Friday.


Week 2 - Homework -Mathletics – Addition of Mass/Capacity.

Reading – Bug Club – Chapters 1 to 4 ‘The Curse of the Highwayman’.

Spellings – ‘Homophones’ to be learned for next Friday.


Week 3 - Homework - Maths - . Written methods for multiplication and division

Reading –'The Highwayman' Questions’.

Spellings – ‘ably’ words to be learned for next Friday

Week 4 - Homework – Mathletics –Ordering/Comparing and Equivalent Fractions

Reading –‘Bug Club - ’The Curse of the Highwayman’ Chapters 5-8

Spellings – Statutory Words to be learned for next week


Week 5 -  Homework – Mathletics – Decimals on a number line and comparing decimal

Reading –The Highwayman’s Revenge’ or another story of your own choice

Spellings – ‘wr’ words


Week 6 - Homework – Mathletics – Decimals, Fractions and Percentages – Equivalence, Conversion and Rounding

Reading –‘Danny the Champion of the World’ – Chapter 3 Comprehension.

Spellings – Words with ‘ly’ endings

Audenshaw Primary

Putting Children First

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