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The Vikings and Anglo-Saxons

Our Topic for the Autumn term was 'The Vikings and Anglo-Saxons'. We learned about when and where the Vikings lived and why they journeyed far away from Scandinavia before discovering more about their lifestyle, culture and beliefs.

Scandinavai and Viking Journeys

Our Viking Day

On Friday the 27th of October we had a fantastic day with 'Hrothgar the Viking', who taught us about different aspects of Viking Life.

Hrothgar - The Viking Warrior

Hrothgar talked about what it was like to be a Viking Warrior. He introduced each of the weapons he or she would have used, the sword, spear, knife, bow and arrow and slingshot. He demonstrated how each was used and also the importance of the round shield for defence.. This was particularly valuable when Vikings grouped together to create a shield wall, to prevent attackers breaking through their lines. We all enjoyed taking part in the role plays, trying on the helmets, handling the weaponry and learning more about the life of the Norse invaders.

Gods and Beliefs

Later in the morning Hrothgar explained that the Norse people told many stories, myths and legends about their Gods and Goddesses. These tales are also called sagas and our class acted out one of the most popular 'Freya and the Dwarf Necklace'.

Lighting a Fire

The Vikings believed that the gift of fire came from the god Loki who stole it and gave it to humans. Hrothgar discussed various ways a fire could be produced, before demonstrating a very effective method, using flint and steel, charcloth, kindling and bellows to supply the spark with oxygen, to become a flame

Viking Life

After dinner, we had the opportunity to ask Hrothgar about various aspects of Viking life and society, before he introduced us to the Viking game Hnefatafl, which taught the value of tactics in battle.

Playing Hnefatafl

A Viking Funeral

A Viking warrior's greatest wish was to die in battle, sword in hand and enter Valhalla, where he would join other Viking heroes. Hrothgar directed our class as we acted out a Viking's death and funeral. We loved taking part in the ceremony and this was a very dramatic end to a memorable educational opportunity.


What a great day we had with Hrothgar (aka Roger Barry), our grateful thanks and appreciation go to him  


Many thanks also to Mrs Greaves and our Class Governor, Mr Tranter who supported us throughout a wonderful learning experience!

The Vikings

Year 5 have worked hard to produce Viking Projects reflecting their enthusiasm for our topic in History..They have researched about their culture and lifestyle, before writing their ideas or using their Art and Technology skills to make some of the ships, weaponry, clothes or jewellery the Norsemen and Women may have crafted.

Beware, the Raiders from the North are coming!!!

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