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1. (OBS) Zig Zag Monster letters handwriting. Look at the poster of where the letters start. Children should form letters at the correct starting point. Draw lines for your child to write x5 of each letter on please.

2. (OBS) Write about your crown or shield. You can write about what you did and what it looks like.
Red/Yellow/Green Group - To write 3 sentence e.g. I cut it out. It has 3 stars. My crown is red.
Purple/Orange/Blue - To write 4 labels e.g. red, spot, glitter, paint

Children are to think of their own ideas for their writing. Spelling does not have to be correct. Children are to use the sounds they know to write letters in the words.
Scribe after your child has had a go writing independently if it cannot be read.



1. Recall of 2D shapes: square, rectangle, circle, triangle, pentagon, hexagon. 

2. Sing Days of the Week song PDF. Write down the days of the week and discuss the initial sounds e.g. M for Monday. Notice that they have capital letters.
3. Ask questions about the days of the week: What day comes after Monday? What day comes before Sunday? What day was yesterday? What day is tomorrow?

How did children get on with this activity?


1. Capital/Uppercase Letters PDF - Look at the capital letters. Children to say the sound (not name) of the letter.
e.g. A = ant, C = cat etc. Not the alphabet song ABC...

2. Look at the Matching uppercase and lowercase letters sheet PDF. Say the sound of the uppercase and match to the correct lowercase. Can do this verbally with your child or print if you can and would like.

How did children get on with this activity?

Purple Mash 2DO - Colour the Knight and Dragon

Additional learning:
Numbots, Resource Pack

Audenshaw Primary

Putting Children First

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