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1. (OBS) Long Ladder Letterss handwriting: l t i u y j
Look at the poster of where the letters start. Children should form letters at the correct starting point, to go down not up. Draw lines for your child to write x5 of each letter on please.

2. Read Charlie the Firefighter story PDF.

3. (OBS) Read the comprehension questions to the children and they have to write the answers down in their books.


1. Count in in fives 0,5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50,55,60,65,70,75,80,85,90,95,100 Click on the hundred square link to highlight all of the fives. 

2. What can you do in one minute? Look a the 1 minute timer on Google or your watch/clock/phone at home. Explain that 1 minute is 60 seconds. You can count to 60 together or count back from 60.

3. (OBS) Look at the PDF What can you do in 1 minute. Print if you can or copy it out in the book.
Predict first how many of these things you can do in one minute. Children will guess before attempting to see if they were correct. This is to show them an understanding of what 1 minute is.

4. Do the activities and write down your answer (OBS)
e.g. draw circles, star jumps, catch a ball, hop

I hope you have fun testing yourselves!


1. VIDEO – Watch twinkl Phase 3 th video  PIN GQ5184

2. CGP phonics – page 38, 39 page ‘th’
th is a digraph. Two letters that make one sound.

3. Phonics play picnic on pluto - th

1. Watch Firefight Matts answers.
2. Purple Mash 2DO - firefighter

Additional learning:
Numbots, Resource Pack, cutting, threading, playdoh, help cooking/baking/cleaning, Joe Wicks, Cosmic Yoga

Audenshaw Primary

Putting Children First

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