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We have had so much fun learning about toys. 

At the start of the half term we brought in our favourite toys from home and wrote about them. 

We then learnt about old fashioned toys. We asked our families to send in photographs of them playing with their toys when they were boys and girls.

We loved exploring with the older toys and in Science talked about the materials they were made out of and the properties of those materials.


We played a 'guess my toy' game. We chose an old fashioned toy to describe, but we could not say what it was. We had to describe the materials and properties. A partner then had to read our descriptions and guess the toy. We covered up the picture with a sticky note so we could reveal if they ere right or not. These are all up on display in the classroom...



We learnt about how the first teddy bear was invented and discovered some teddy bear facts that we did not know! 


We even did a whole class assembly in front of the whole school and our families based on toys.


We loved exploring the old fashioned toys. Look below at us sharing the toys with each other and learning how they work...

Audenshaw Primary

Putting Children First

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