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1. (OBS) Write your first name and last name.
Support ONLY if needed. Make sure capitals are only for the first letter of your names. Draw lines for the children to write their name on, check that letters are formed correctly and start in the correct position.

I know that we do this a few times a week but it is really important that they can write their name with the correct formation to rule out any letter formation bad habits

2. We are going to be virtually meeting a real firefighter named Matt. Matt lives with Miss Hassall and their dog Sonny. Firefighter Matt went to the blaze in Denton on Sunday.

I want you to think of 2-3 questions that you would like to ask Firefighter Matt about his job and write them down.
He will be answering our questions this week hopefully with his team at their station and doing us a video! How exciting!
(OBS) of the written question.

Here are photos of firefighter Matt in school last year (and me and the children dressing up - gutted that covid has prevented us from doing this this year :( )  _____________________________


1. Look at the 3D Shapes poster. Discuss the faces of the shapes. Some have circle, square, rectangle faces, some are curved and flat. You could find these objects around your house too and handle them practically.

2. Weight – discuss heavy and light.
(OBS) Find two objects of different weight. Children to say which is heavy/light by picking it up. Repeat with several pairs of items around your house. Explain that sometimes the biggest item is not always the heaviest!
So try to test your child e.g. bag of sugar / empty big milk bottle.
Draw and label the things that were heavy and the things that were light.

3. Watch my video to say if the items are heavier or lighter



TWINKL GO - Pin GQ5184 

1. Watch VIDEO – twinkl sh video

2. (OBS) CGP phonics – page 34 35 page ‘sh’
Sh is a digraph. Two letters that make one sound.

3. Phonics play 

Username – jan21
Password - home

Click on... Resources – Phase 3 – Dragons Den - sh words


Scavenger Hunt: Inventor
(OBS) This is a simple writing activity which does not have to be done sat at the table. Get up and get going on your hunt.
Take your book/paper and write down some labels for the things you find. Have fun!

Topic: This week you could explore Biggleton on Cbeebies.  _______________________

Additional learning:
Numbots, Resource Pack, cutting, threading, playdoh, help cooking/baking/cleaning, Joe Wicks, Cosmic Yoga

My input - heavier or lighter.mp4

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Audenshaw Primary

Putting Children First

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