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1. (OBS) One Armed Robot letters handwriting: ONLY DO LETTERS p k b
Look at the poster of where the letters start. Children should form letters at the correct starting point, to go down not up. Draw lines for your child to write x5 of each letter on please.

2. With your adult, research a Pterodactyl. Read through the easier facts as some are a bit too informative for 4-5 year olds! 

(OBS) Draw a picture of it and then...

Draw lines in book to write on please:
Red/Yellow/Green - Write 3 sentences
Purple/Orange - Write 2 sentences
Blue - Write 1 sentence

e.g. It can fly. It has wings. It is big.

Spelling does not have to be correct. Children are to use the sounds they know to write letters in the words.
Scribe after your child has had a go writing independently if it cannot be read.
Do not tell children what letters to write. Discuss finger spaces and full stops.


1. Watch the Pattern Video with my input from last Wednesday. Forward to ABB pattern part or watch it all again if you'd like.
2. ABB pattern – using objects show ABB patterns (repeat twice)
e.g. Spoon fork fork spoon fork fork
3. (OBS) Power Maths Journal C - page 4 repeat the patterns


1. Phonics play 

Username – jan21
Password - home

Click on... Resources – Phase 2 – Tricky word Truck - Phase 2 All HFW (these words we want children to read on right without sounding out.

2. Phase 3 Tricky words (we are still practising these words)

3. Phonics Play - Resources - Phase 2 - Buried Treasure - Choose any phase 2 sounds. Real words go in the treasure and fake/nonsense words go into the bin.


Purple Mash 2DO: Complete the pterodactyl.

Additional Learning:
Numbots, Resource Pack, cutting, threading, playdoh, help cooking/baking/cleaning, Joe Wicks, Cosmic Yoga

Miss Petrenko Patterns Input.mp4

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Audenshaw Primary

Putting Children First

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