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Year 1

Here are Brooke's entries.  One's called Elsa (Frozen) and Sergio Aguero after the footballer. They're 5 years old.
This is Kevin. Evan's giant land snail.

This is our dog Spike and he is so cute and I love him🌈❤️.

Ava Burgess

This is Raven's doggie. She is called Seven. She is a Chihuahua.
We have bear who is our 2 year old Pomeranian black and tan boy. He is from Russia!!! We also have Dolly who is our white female Pomerainian, she is 7 months old! Then we have our little white boy, Oscar, who is 4 months old! Beau loves to take the dogs for walks and helps feed them 3 times a day! He also loves to give them lots of cuddles:

Audenshaw Primary

Putting Children First

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