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Year 5

Hi Year 5! 

Well, what a start to the week. I was really looking forward to seeing you all today but hopefully the water situation will be sorted and we will all be in school tomorrow!


I have set some activities for you to do IF YOU WANT TO - it is not compulsory. If you are doing the work but you don't have a printer, just write the work on paper instead. 


PARENTS: The answers are also included so you can share those with your child afterwards so that they can check their work. 


Hoping to see you tomorrow!

Mrs Lee xx

6.9.21 MATHS WORK - Here are some Maths activities to revise work done in Year 4.

6.9.21 ENGLISH WORK - Here is some grammar work on fronted adverbials which you will have learnt about in Year 4.

Audenshaw Primary

Putting Children First

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