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Year 5(2018)

Welcome to Year 5!


Teacher: Mr Bowers

Support: Mrs Greaves

Link Governor - Mr Kim Tranter


This is our Year 5 Class Page and we hope you enjoy sharing our work and enjoyment of learning.

Our Topics this year are the following:-


Autumn Term 1st Half - 'The Vikings and Anglo-Saxons' and 'Properties of Materials'

Autumn Term 2nd Half - 'The Vikings and Anglo-Saxons' and 'Changing Materials'.

Spring Term 1st Half - 'Earth and Space' and 'Ancient Greece'.

Spring Term 2nd Half - 'Earth and Space' and 'Ancient Greece'.

Summer Term 1st Half - 'Forces' and 'Rivers'.

Summer Term 2nd Half - 'Rivers' and 'Living Things and Habitats'


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Year 5

This Summer our major topics are 'Rivers' and 'Forces'.


In the week starting 25th of June our Year 5 class had the opportunity to undertake the Bikeability course so that they could safely ride their bicycles on the road. Below you will see how they increased their level of skill in riding safely.

Jodrell Bank Visit

On Thursday the 19th of April our Year 5 class visited Jodrell Bank. We had a fabulous time learning about living in Space during our 'Exploring Space' workshop, where we learned about life on the International Space Station. We also viewed exhibitions about the universe before undertaking some Space experiments. Finally, we had a wonderful talk about the Solar System.

Creating the Solar System

To make a model of our Solar System, our Year 5 Class read and completed a set of instructions, using imperative verbs and time adverbs . They then followed the instructions to roll clay spherical shapes for the planets, measuring each to scale in centimetres and millimetres using a conversion table. We have then painted them using photographs of each planet.

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