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Year 6

This is Liam’s pet Hamster, Theo.


Theo is around 4 months old and is a Syrian Hamster.


Theo sleeps a lot in the day and is awake all night due to him being a nocturnal animal.


Theo loves to eat and he stuffs his food into his cheeks until no more will fit. He will then go into his little house in his cage and store the food until he is ready to eat it.


Theo is very active and loves to climb, run on his wheel and go in his hamster ball, exploring around the house.


We keep Theo’s cage clean and he has sawdust and chew toys in with him. He likes to be held by everyone in the family and is very friendly. Theo is fun to pet, hold and play with.

Here is Ollie's dog Busby, he is 9 weeks old on this picture and is a miniature schnauzer. 
Oliver with his Dogs Penny & Jumble enjoying the sunshine.
Freddie's dogs...Daisy, Lily & Rosie
Here is Erin's dog Storm.
Here are some pictures of Lexie's dog Bonnie.
Andrew's cat Blue

Audenshaw Primary

Putting Children First

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