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School Term Times

Terms & Holidays

Holidays in Term Time


Schools are no longer allowed to grant any leave of absence in term time. Absence can only be granted for ‘exceptional circumstances.’ Any requests for absences in term time have to be in writing using the 'Intention to Take Leave' form which is available from the school office. Each individual case will then be considered.





School Year 2018/19


Autumn Term 2018


Monday 3rd September 2018                                           INSET

Tuesday 4th September 2018                  School Opens 8.55am   

Friday 26th October 2018                         School Closes 3.30pm


Half Term


Monday 5th November 2018                    School Opens 8.55am

Friday 21st December 2018                    School Closes 3.30pm


Christmas Holidays 

Spring Term 2019


Monday 7th January 2019                        School Opens 8.55am

Friday 15th February 2019                        School Closes 3.30pm


Half Term


Monday 25th February 2019                                            INSET

Tuesday 26th February 2019                School Opens 8.55am

Friday 5th April 2019                             School Closes 3.30pm


Easter Holidays

Summer Term 2019 


Tuesday 23rd April 2019                       School Opens 8.55am

Thursday 2nd May 2019                       INSET

Monday 6th May 2019                            Bank Holiday

Friday 24th May 2019                            School Closes 3.30pm


Half Term


Monday 10th June 2019                   School Opens 8.55am

Friday 26th July 2019                       School Closes 3.30pm

Audenshaw Primary

Putting Children First

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