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Snapchat Alert!

Snapchat has introduced a new tracker, Snap Map, in its latest update allowing people to see the exact location of their friends. The update allows you to see the exact area, town, street and even house in the street of any user. This could potentially pose a risk to youngsters and leave them exposed to predators. This is an 'opt-in', which means that location sharing is switched off by default but can be turned on by the user. Enabling 'ghost-mode' means that the user cannot share their location.


The video below shows you how to do this and Safeguarding Alert!

An investigation has shown that children as young as nine are being groomed and bombarded with sexually explicit messages on popular social media and live streaming site These sites are used by a large number of our pupils, therefore we feel it necessary to highlight the potential dangers to you as parents. 


The minimum age for and is +12. 


The default settings for these apps are public, meaning that anyone can see videos posted and be directly messaged by other users. 


This video explains more about, how it leaves children vulnerable to being groomed and how you can better protect children who continue to use the app.

Audenshaw Primary

Putting Children First

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