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Kate Livesey Award

At the end of each term we give out a very special award. 


This is the ‘Kate Livesey Award' and it is to help celebrate and remember a very special girl who attended our school. 


Kate Livesey was a child who always had a big smile, loved life and was always involved in every aspect of school.


In February 2014, when Kate was in Year 4, she passed away suddenly at home. 


As you would expect, the school community was devastated by this tragic event and she is still in the hearts of many of the children and staff.


To remember Kate, the award is given to a pupil who has some of Kate's attributes. This may be: a sunny personality, a positive outlook on life, friendly, kind, smiley and a pleasure to have in our school community. 

We have a plaque and a book in the school hall displaying the children who have been given this award. 


It is an honour for any child to receive this award and they should be very proud of themselves.

Audenshaw Primary

Putting Children First

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