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Audenshaw Primary School and Governor Led Nursery

Putting Children First

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Our Aims

• To provide a happy, safe and secure working atmosphere, for both pupils and staff, where there is concern for the well being of each individual.


• To equip children with attitudes, skills and knowledge which will enable them to enjoy their childhood and will serve as a foundation for further development.


• To prepare for continuing education and personal development a work, at home or at leisure.


• To create an atmosphere of trust and mutual support in which children can develop intellectually, emotionally, physically, socially and morally as individuals, as members of a group and as members of society.


• To help children to develop lively and enquiring minds so that they are alert to communicate their feeling in a variety of ways.


• To promote self-confidence, a sense of personal worth and self esteem.


• To give children experience of being active, co-operative members of a caring community by fostering and atmosphere of love, kindness and concern for others.


• To help children realise their role in society (home, school community, world) and to develop a caring and responsible attitude to the environment.


• To show children standards of excellence and encourage them to achieve the highest potential in their personal talents and gain satisfaction from their own achievements.


• To develop an understanding attitude, values and beliefs, including a respect for others religious and moral values and ways of life.


• To encourage children, parents and governors to play an effective role in the partnership of the school.



In order to fulfil these aims it is recognised that school is a partnership which requires full participation from children, parents, teachers and non-teaching staff in fostering a warm and secure environment in which children can develop.


Audenshaw Primary School is a friendly and supportive community where morale is high. The school’s motto, ‘putting children first’, lies at the heart of what the school does. Pupils are polite and welcoming. 


OFSTED Report October 2018


Reviewed and Agreed Annually

Audenshaw Primary School and Governor Led Nursery

Putting Children First

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