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PE and Sport Premium

Welcome to the PE pages of our school website.


Here you will find information on our expectations, our PE kit, how we spend our sports premium funding and you will be updated on all the competitions we enter throughout the year.

Our PE co-ordinator is Mrs Ellison. We are responsible for all things PE in our school. We help the infants at playtime, we order and sort the PE equipment and we speak up for and feedback to the children at our school and organise the events that they ask for.


The ‘school games’ values mean a lot to us and our school:

We make sure we portray these values and have introduced ‘Competitor of the tournament.’ This is the sportsperson who takes part in a competition or tournament and shows the 6 values. They are awarded a special certificate and trophy in our school’s celebration assembly.


Please keep your eye on our PE notice board in school (outside the office) for up to date after school club lists, curriculum PE and clubs in our local area as well as facts and challenges to help you to have a healthy body and mind.

Audenshaw Primary

Putting Children First

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