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Reading for Pleasure

Reading for Pleasure has the biggest positive impact of any factor on children's life chances. So whatever else you do, please never stop sharing books with kids. Never stop reading to them, and helping them to read. Never stop changing their lives! S F Said

Some books written by children's author SF Said

Reading With Your Child

All children (and adults) love to be read to. Here are some strategies to support you when reading to your child. Even as fluent readers, it is still nice to hear someone read to you - Year 6 still love story time.

At Audenshaw Primary we have a dedicated time each day when the teacher reads to the class.

Book Chat

Book chat is very important. Why not ask your child about the book that is being read to them in class. Ask them what book you could share at bedtime. Chat about their favourite types of books (fiction/non-fiction/graphic novels/picture books/poetry/comics/magazines). If they have a birthday coming up, think about a book as a present.

Types of books

Books come in all shapes and sizes.

"If you happen to see a child reading something they're enjoying - PLEASE LET THEM JUST ENJOY IT! By all means, recommend books you love to kids, but never ever belittle or dismiss their own choices. Reading for pleasure is the heart of literacy." SF Said


Picture Books

Picture books can be enjoyed by children and adults. They are a great way of developing independence with a text. However, it is important to remember that not all picture books are for young children - increasingly there are picture books for all ages. The content of a picture book aimed at a ten/eleven year old will not be suitable for a five year old.

Non-Fiction (information)

Non-fiction books have developed greatly over the last few years and are very popular with children in school. They often contain lots of illustrations/photographs and have short chunks of text and lots of facts. Think of a topic and there will be an information book about it.

Graphic Novels

Graphic novels are extremely popular with children. They allow a child to access books that look like novels but do not contain as much text. However, the quality of the text and images delights children with quality story telling - a must have for all budding readers.

If you log into PADLET this one is a must for graphic novel fans (created by a teacher)



Poetry can often get forgotten but is always very popular with children. Poetry is great to develop emotional intelligence as well. Children always love a funny poem.


Comics and magazines are a great way of engaging readers - small chunks of text and lots of pictures and illustrations. You can also get great subscription offers as birthday presents.



Novels (chapter books) are longer texts with fewer illustrations. Children from year 2 will become interested in shorter chapter books that still have a balance of text and illustrations.

As children become more fluent readers, they may want to read longer chapter books but it is really important that adults check that the content and language is suitable to the age of the child.

There are many fabulous children's authors out there and newer books have a more appealing text layout (the fonts are slightly bigger and there is line spacing) which is more engaging for the child.

Please don't rush your child to read novels - reading is reading and if your child is happy with their book then that is great.

Tameside Libraries

Are you a member of Tameside Libraries? You can join for free. You can borrow books for free. You can also join Borrow Box and loan movies and audible books as well.


Becoming a member of Tameside Libraries

Membership of the library service is free for all residents. You can join at any branch in Tameside by presenting proof of your name and current address. There is no minimum age for joining, but those under the age of 16 years require the consent of a parent or guardian to complete registration, either in person or over the phone. Please call 0161 342 2031.


Book Ideas

Here are some ideas of books that you may want to buy.


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