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The children at Audenshaw Primary school enjoy science because it stimulates and excites their curiosity about the world around them. They learn, right from day one, about biology (plants, animals and humans); chemistry (changing states, separating mixtures, materials) and about physics (electricity, forces, light & sound, space). However, perhaps more important than all of that, is the development of scientific method throughout the school. By learning how to observe over time, identify and classify, seek patterns, and conduct research and experiments, children learn how to ask and answer scientific questions about the world.


By equipping children with these vital skills, children are better prepared to make a valuable contribution to the ever-changing world that awaits them. Furthermore, the subject has been designed and planned to give children the knowledge and skills that they need for later life such as: questioning, problem solving, freethinking, resilience, confidence and presenting skills.

What is science?

"Where you test different things" - Year 2 pupil

"A fun way of learning... exploring and understanding more things than just writing on a piece of paper" - Year 6 pupil

"Science solves questions about the world and tells you things that you might not know yet" - Year 4 pupil


What is a scientist?

"A person that wants to answer people’s questions and wants to see how far they can get with this." - Year 4 pupil

"Somebody who does different experiments and makes different things, they predict if somethings something’s going to happen" - Year 2 pupil

"Someone who can make new discoveries" - Year 6 pupil


What do you like about science?

"I like science because it tells us about our history, you get to play and explore" - Year 4 pupil

"I like predicting so that we can figure out if it works or not." - Year 2 pupil

"It's the best subject to work things out and learn things you never thought you could know." - Year 6 pupil


Audenshaw Primary School and Governor Led Nursery

Putting Children First

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