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PE statement & expectations

Sports Statement 



The PE curriculum at Audenshaw offers a wide range of sporting and physical activities as well as promotes healthy and safe lifestyles. This is done through timetabled curriculum sessions, extra-curricular sessions and additional sessions being led by link secondary schools - Denton Community College.


Our aim is to  provide all children from Reception to year 6 with active, effective and enjoyable PE sessions where new skills are learned, built upon and mastered.


We have a very experienced PE coach teaching Nursery to Year 6 every week as well as additional curriculum lessons which are led by class teachers and PE teachers from high schools. These sessions focus on key skills such as agility, balance and co-ordination as well as how to lead healthy and active lifestyles. We will continue with the sports coach for the next academic year.


The PE curriculum offers a variety of activities that are planned into the curriculum to give all children the opportunity to demonstrate strengths, abilities and develop and discover talents. The curriculum currently provides rugby, hockey, volleyball, basketball, cricket, tennis, dance, gymnastics, swimming and football.


At Audenshaw, we see swimming as an essential life skill and believe all pupils should be entitled to swimming lessons. The Government recommends that all pupils, by the end of Year 5, should be able to swim 25 metres. Curriculum timetabled swim lessons are provided to Years 3, 4 and 5 each year giving the pupils every opportunity to achieve the expected level.


Keeping pupils safe in and out of school is one of Audenshaw’s main priorities. Year 6 have taken part in the nationally recognised ‘Bikeability’ scheme. This is a week long course designed to give pupils the skills and confidence to ride their bikes safely on the road. We then encourage children to cycle safely to and from school. A bike shelter is available for children to securely leave their bikes or scooters during the school day.

Our Reception class also take part in 'Little Bikers' sessions to support their balance and coordination on balance bicycles.



Sporting values are prominent throughout all areas of PE whether it be curricular learning, extra curricular learning or competing. We promote passion, self belief, respect, determination, team work and honesty. We do this by learning about world wide sporting events such as the Olympics, Paralympics and Commonwealth. We celebrate these values in our children by awarding a ‘competitor of the tournament’ trophy after each competition.




Our PE expectations

Wear full PE kit

 Show an excellent sporting attitude- ‘be a good sport’

 Handle equipment safely and as instructed

 Participate with 100% effort

 Be willing to try new things





Our PE kit

A plain white, round neck t-shirt (school logo optional)


Black PE shorts


Black PE pumps


Trainers and black jogging pants for outdoor PE only

Audenshaw Primary School and Governor Led Nursery

Putting Children First

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